Pokhara Internet

the internet provider

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Wireless Internet

Broadband on the move with Pokhara Internet WiFi. 


Say goodbye to restrictive mobile phone data allowances and hello to a brave new world of unlimited Internet on the move. Connect to the Internet at public wireless broadband access points called 'hotspots' - just like the way you connect wirelessly at home. Easy peasy. You can connect how and when you want; on your laptop, netbook, Android phone, iPhone, iPad or iTouch. 

Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd. is a broadband service delivered wirelessly to your home, ensuring that we deliver the Best quality at the Best price powered and backed by it's own renowned, trusted reliable and robust Optical Fiber Cable network. 

With 8 repeater inside the pokhara valley and 7 point of presence with 10 repeater outside the valley, Pokhara Internet has extended its maximum coverage of wireless internet connectivity. Pokhara Internet has set up fixed Wireless infrastructure in 10 different places (Outside-valley Syangja, Walling, Galyang,Bayarghari,Bhorletar,Nayapool,Kusma,Bandipur,Dulegauda & Dumre) and provides internet access to corporate customers across these cities using its network of base stations. 

Advantages of Wireless Internet:- 

  • Dedicated connection.
  • Unlimited data downloads. Starting Band width 256/256 kbps. 
  • No subscriptions charges, no configuration charges. 
  • No hassles of cables, phone bills 24x7 days support.